API Documentation

Use the SaaS Custom Domains API to programmatically access upstreams, custom domains, and other resources to seamlessly integrate custom domains into your product.

Getting started

To get started, create a new API token in your API settings, then read about how to make requests for the resources you need to access using our HTTP APIs.



Learn how to authenticate your API requests.

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Understand how to work with paginated responses.

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Handling Forwarded Requests

Read about how to handle forwarded requests from custom domains.

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Custom Domain Types

Understand the different types of custom domains and how to use them.

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Learn how to use webhooks to receive notifications about events in the API.

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Rate Limits

Learn about the rate limits that apply to the API and how to handle them.

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Read about the different types of errors returned by the API.

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Learn about the upstream model and how to create, retrieve, update, delete, and list upstreams.

Custom domains

Learn about the custom domain model and how to create, retrieve, update, delete, and list custom domains.


Learn about the account model and how to access accounts programmatically..